patentTecThe patented emissive projection display (EPD) has 2 major modules: A projector module that projects “latent” images of selective optical wavebands; and a novel transparent fluorescent screen module that converts the projected “latent” images to corresponding highly visible emissive images.

EPD combines the best of both conventional projection and emissive displays. Like projection, the screen has no pixel structures and can be produced roll-to-roll; it is scalable, portable, and adaptable to various display requirements. Like emissive displays (e.g. plasma), it has superior image quality and large viewing angles with the fluorescent screen.

Check one of Sun's paper:

Full color high contrast projection on black emissive display, Proc. SPIE 8254, 82540K (2012).

We have 8 issued US patents and over 10 pending applications, covering every aspect of the transparent projection display and high contrast projection on black screens made of nano-materials.

PatentedTransparent Projection DisplayTechnology with micro and nano-materials and molecules:

        • US 6,986,581, Jan. 17, 2006, “Light Emitting Materials Integrated into a Substantially Transparent Substrate”
        • US 7,090,355 Aug. 15, 2006 “System and Method for a Transparent Color Image Display Utilizing Fluorescent Conversion of Nano Particles and Molecules”
        • US 7,182,467, Feb. 27, 2007, “Microstructures Integrated into Transparent Substrate which Scatter Incident Light to Display an Image”
        • US 7,213,923, May 8, 2007, “Emission of Visible Light in Response to Absorption of Excitation Light”
        • US7,452,082, Nov. 18, 2008, “Excitation Light Emission Apparatus”
        • US 7,537,346, May 26, 2009 “ Display having Integrated Light Emitting Materials”
        • 7,976,169, July 12, 2011 “Waveguide Display”
















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