There are several other display technologies that claim to be “transparent”, including (a). Transluscent holographic projection screen; (b).Transparent OLED (TOLED);  (c). Reflective HUD; (d). Blue reflective thick sheet; and (e). Transparent LCD.  Conventional HUD has an extremely limited viewing angle and display size; both “transparent OLED” or holographic screens are only partially transparent, with significant haze and poor image contrast under well-lighted environment.

The following table list the key properties of these other “transparent displays”, in contrast to Sun Innovations’ MediaGlass and TransPlay technology. Limitations of other tranparent display system currently avaliable are marked in red 




Sun Innovations Inc  Transplay and Media Glass



a. Translucent Projection Screen (e.g. Holographic-Screen)


b. TOLED – Transparent Organic LED, (from Samsung CES show 2013)


c. HUD – Head-up Display (windshield as projected image transflector)


d. Blue Reflective “Yellowish” projection thick sheet(from MIT))


e. Transparent LCD cabinet (LCD screen before a strong back-light, e.g. a light box)

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