Our most high demand EPD technology in use is the Line-Art projection system, which displays messages and animations on storefront windows using a scanning laser projector. The system enables text and pictures to appear to float in air with no apparent display boundary. They appear to float in air like an animated neon sign. This system offers commercial brands a fresh, exciting look and is designed to maximize the customer experience and attract foot traffic to increase sales.

Furthermore, if combined with an interactive module such as a transparent touch film, the digital display showcase could enable people to search for product information on the cover glass of the product cabinets in an interactive fashion. EPD systems have also been applied successfully in various exhibitions. The window glass of a booth or hall can display creative, dynamic, and see-though signage, including traffic-stopping commercials. 

The Line-Art-based EPD system can also potentially be used to create large advertising displays on the glass curtain walls of modern buildings. The unique display screen presents the projected image, while being highly transparent to visible light.  Up to 10,000 sq. ft. of the digital display can be produced with a screen and a high-power laser projector for curtain glass-wall laser displays at night. For such an application, a high-powered laser projector would be placed on either side of the glass screen for front or rear projection. An additional UV layer would block the laser light from penetrating the screen and reaching viewers. Since the screen is water clear, the windows continue to provide natural light and an uninterrupted view.

faceckAny advertising displayed by the projector would be viewable from miles away at night. Such a display would be easier to install and disassemble and more cost-effective than a large LED sign, without affecting the aesthetics of the building or the functioning of the windows.

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