mediaGlasscolorDLP-based projector with a gas-discharge lamp as a light source can be used. A commercial DLP projector with a UHP lamp has been modified to output light in the approximate wavelength range of 360–410 nm in order to excite a single blue or white emission from the screen.The estimated UV intensity at the screen surface is about 0.3 mW/cm2.

A fully transparent white, red, and dual (red/blue) screen, all without body color and without haze, are other options. 

 Sun has also recently developed a projector based on a DLP scanner and LED or laser sources. Solid-state sources such as high power LEDs and lasers have excellent power and a spectrum matching the excitation of the emissive materials in the screen. They are also smaller, consume less energy, and offer significantly improved optical efficiency and reliability (with a lifetime >10,000 hours).

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