Laser Pointer for Big Screen Displays


The first laser pen solution that works on any

LED, LCD, OLED or Rear-Projection Screen

        Everyone in the room can see it- keeps your audience on track!


Laser pointers cannot be used on flat panel displays because the light is absorbed by the screen. Until now! The GloPointer  screen protector and laser pen solution from Sun Innovations, Inc. creates a bright, glowing blue dot clearly visible on any flat panel display.


Our solution has two parts: a phosphor-embedded screen protector pre-cut to fit standard screen sizes and a 405nm Blu-Ray laser pen (screen protector and laser pen must be used together).


  •       The laser is completely blocked by the screen protector so that it does not harm the display
  •       The screen protector is completely transparent and has zero effect on display image


For questions call 510 651-1329

or email Donna George at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


****Film Installation Demo****

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