HD-Display onto the window or windshield of any vehicle, with unlimited viewing angles, with the following features:

  • Compact and custom-built blue-ray LED-DLP projector on proprietary transparent emissive screen;
  • 1st option of single color (choice of blue or white) display on water-clear emissive screen;
  • 2nd option of a multiple-color display on lightly tinted (VLT up to 75%) emissive screen. 


Sun Innovations offers the following "developer kits" with everything you need to explore our E-HUD with compact LED-DLP projection.

1. Mono-Color HD-Projector on Water-Clear Emissive Screen   The video shows such E-HUD that display a smart phone screen on windshield


2. Multiple-color E-HUD with compact LED-DLP projector on lightly tinted Vehicle Glass


Film Mounting Manual 

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