Red Emissive Screen

 Red Emissive Film 

Green Emissive Screen

Green Emissive Film 

Blue Emissive Screen

Blue Emissive Film

Full Color RGB Emissive Screen

Full Color Emissive Screen 


 Sun Innovations offers proprietary Haze-Free and Crystal Clear monochromic, dual color, and RGB (full) color emissive projection screen to selective customers.

Terms and Conditions, prior to the transfer of our film products:

      • We highly recommend customers to purchase our product that comes in a KIT: The film(s) are generally sold along with its corresponding custom-built projectors.
      • There is a minimum order requirement on aditional films.
      • Sun Innovations offers USA Standard A4 size films for evaluation purpose at a nominal rate only to selective clients for developmental purpose. Sun Innovations reserve the right to choose “selective” clients. A prior written approval is necessary.
      • Our emission screen and excitation projector products orders come with a restrictive license to use the products purchased.
      • The buyers agree “not” to engage on activities to duplicate or reverse engineer the patented film products. An NDA and material transfer agreement will be executed, if needed prior to any shipment.    
      • Other terms and restrictions may apply. Sun Innovations reserve the right to add or modify any clauses or terms at its discretion without prior notice.

Selection of our high demand emissive films with corresponding emission colors, excitation wavelengths and the recommended laser diode (LD) or LED source in the projector are listed in the table below.

file product

* Marked emissive films is also avaliable with adhesive coating for an additional cost. All our film can be custom made with UV film for small additional cost. Please contact one of our sales associates at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information. Click below for more technical specification on our emmissive films:

Single Color Blue Film Data or Spec Sheet
Dual Color Red on Green Data or Spec Sheet

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