Transparent Display Kits for OEMs and AV Integrators

Sun Innovations has developed a complete set of emissive projection screen in various colors under a 460nm excitation wavelength. We currently offer developer kits for digital signage and head-up windshield display applications, as well as a la carte screen for existing customers. Our kits include a projector, cables and the choice of either a 32” diagonal screen or three 18” diagonal screen samples with different features of color selection or tinting levels depending on application.



TransPlayTM Laser Animation - A laser scanning projector displaying programmable animation and custom text messages on water-clear screen film.  Designed to create large, vibrant 3D-like images that are viewable from both sides of the glass. The emissive film completely blocks the laser from leaking through and a safety interlock device temporarily turns off the laser to prevent accidental eye exposure.

MediaGlassTM DLP Video - A lamp-based DLP full-color or single-color projector displaying smaller video images - ideally less than 2 feet in diameter and at a projection distance of 3-5 feet. The full-color RGB MediaGlass screen is also transparent but has a slight tint.

Blu-Ray LED DLP Video - A 405nm video projector featuring compact body design, high optical efficiency, low power consumption, long LED lifetime, bright emissive display and standard HDMI interface. Transparent screen; blue, white or red display.

SuperImagingTM RGB Black Screen Video - This product uses the same projector as the full-color MediaGlass, but comes with an opaque, full-color emissive screen that enables scalable projection display on a paper-thin, roll-able black screen with superior contrast  in bright ambient light.



Blu-Ray Plus LED DLP Video - A higher-powered 405nm video projector featuring a LightCrafter E4500MKII development module and 0.45 WXGA chipset from Texas Instruments. Two configurable input/output triggers allow for convenient synchronization with cameras, sensors, or other peripheral devices. Transparent screen; blue, white or red display.

Green Laser DLP Video - A high-contrast, plug-and-play HUD ideal for outdoor use under direct sunlight. Its bright, transparent green screen can be tinted up to 70% to enhance HUD display.

Color E-HUD - A high-definition, 405nm and 450nm projector producing red, green, white and intermediate display colors on a slightly tinted transparent screen. A variety of tint and anti-reflective coatings are available to improve contrast in sunlight.


GloPointerTM Laser Pen Solution for Flat Panel Displays

Our GloPointerTM screen protector and laser pen solution creates a bright, glowing blue dot clearly visible on any flat panel display. Used together, our screen protector and laser pen work on any LED, LCD, OLED or Rear-Projection screen. The screen protector completely blocks the laser so that it does not harm the display. 


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