Haze-Free Transparent Display Kits Applicable on Any Glass 

Sun Innovations has developed a complete set of proprietary fully-transparent emissive screens of various colors that can be readily applied to any glass panel. We currently offer developer kits to support display on glass windows of various types of vehicles, buildings or furnatures. Our kits include a custom-built digital projector, the proprietary screen, and all necessary accessaries that enable you to develop the display applications on your glass. 


TransPlayTM Laser Animation - A laser scanning projector displaying programmable animation and custom text messages on water-clear screen film.  Designed to create large, vibrant 3D-like images that are viewable from both sides of the glass. The emissive film completely blocks the laser from leaking through and a safety interlock device temporarily turns off the laser to prevent accidental eye exposure from the front.

MediaGlassTM DLP Video - A custom-built UHP lamp-based DLP projector displaying HD-video images on full-color lightly-tinted screen, or on single-color water-clear screen. The display is usually less than 2 feet in diameter in ambient room light and at a projection distance of 3-5 feet; it can go much larger in controlled lighting environment. 

Close-up LED-DLP Video - A custom-built LED-DLP projector featuring compact body design with low heat and power consumption,  long LED lifetime, bright emissive display and standard HDMI interface. Display on water-clear single color screen or lightly-tinted color screen.

SuperImagingTM RGB Black Screen Video - This product uses the same projector as the full-color MediaGlass, but comes with a pitch-black, full-color emissive screen that enables scalable HDR projection on a paper-thin, roll-able black screen with superior contrast  in bright ambient light. 



Blu-Ray Plus LED DLP Video - A high-power 405nm video projector featuring a LightCrafter E4500MKII development module and 0.45 WXGA chipset from Texas Instruments. Two configurable input/output triggers allow for convenient synchronization with cameras, sensors, or other peripheral devices. Transparent screen; blue, white or red display.

Green Laser DLP Video - A high-contrast, plug-and-play HUD ideal for outdoor use under direct sunlight. Its bright, transparent green screen can be tinted up to 70% to enhance HUD display.

Color E-HUD - A high-definition, 405nm and 450nm projector producing red, green, white and intermediate display colors on a slightly tinted transparent screen. A variety of tint and anti-reflective coatings are available to improve contrast in sunlight.


GloPointerTM Laser Pen Solution for Flat Panel Displays

Our GloPointerTM screen protector and laser pen solution creates a bright, glowing blue dot clearly visible on any flat panel display. Used together, our screen protector and laser pen work on any LED, LCD, OLED or Rear-Projection screen. The screen protector completely blocks the laser so that it does not harm the display. 


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